In Lady Ilena: Way of the Warrior, Ilena waits for Durant’s return and their marriage. He does not come as promised, but Faolan, a distant cousin from a nearby fortress, arrives and asks her hand in marriage.

Her refusal sets off a bloody conflict that leads to her exile from Dun Alyn. She and her hound, Machonna, take refuge in her childhood home until a mysterious priestess with alarming news about Arthur sends her on a dangerous quest.

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The Legend of Lady Ilena

A young woman's quest for her true identity leads her into danger, mystery, and adventure in the carefully researched tale of sixth century Britain.

Ilena has lived in the Vale of Enfert for all of her fifteen years, but it is not her true home. Her parents refused to speak about where they came from or their lineage.

After their deaths, she follows the only clues she has, the name of a fortress in the East and a woman's name, across Britain.

Her skills as a warrior are tested against raiders from the West and painted ones from the North, but her most formidable challenge awaits her at her journey's end.

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